FortniteDB Leaderboards

Welcome to the FortniteDB Leaderboards!

FortniteDB Leaderboards are an unofficial list of rankings based on the profile fetches. Below you can read the process behind it. On the left you can see the available categories.

Explanation of Profile Timers & Basics

Next Refresh
12 minutes ago
17 hours ago

Format Hours:Minutes:Seconds

Cache : This is a separate timer which locks your profile from refreshing new data, or performing unnecessary actions, which translates into faster profile loadings.

Next Refresh : Determines when you are able to store your data again.

Updated : This is the last time the profile data has been stored on FortniteDB – such as Venture Experience and any Leaderboard related data.

Activity : This is a fairly accurate time indicator, though there might be some cases that its wrong (mainly in long-term inactive profiles). The value updates each time there is a change on the profile itself ( you logged in, played a mission, upgraded a schematic etc), but also triggered by Epic ( new event appeared, gifts received etc. ). In all other cases, short term active players it is accurate within few days. Tracking only changes within one hour.


To store your data ( inventory – such as experience towards the leaderboards ) you have to simply access your profile after the Next Refresh time has run out, to verify that you have stored the data check the Last Update value – and you are set. ( You don’t have to do that if you are a Tier 3 subscriber )


You are able to reduce the timers by purchasing an subscription,

Sub Plans

If you need any help while purchasing a subscription join Discord and open a support-ticket

Leaderboards Basics

Next refresh
2021-04-26 00:05:48
2021-04-25 00:05:51

Leaderboards have a separate timer at which they are processed. It always resets at the same time though, 5 minutes after mission reset ( 00:05 UTC ) if you don’t know the exact time just check the Next refresh coutdown.

The snapshot value is a date at which the leaderboard was generated, most of the time you will see a date similar to 2020-12-19 00:05 though in some cases I might perform manual refreshes.


Profile & Leaderboards Corelation

Once we understand the basic concept of both entities, its time to understand how Leaderboards are actually working and why sometimes you do not appear there.

For visualization


Timer greater than 59 minutes : Meaning the cache record has been created – so considered as “new”

Longer than 12 hours ago : Profile haven’t been updated for long enough – thus performing a full profile update.


While both conditions are not met you won’t store your data for the leaderboards. Knowing how profile data storing works lets add the leaderboard refresh. As a basic user you can update your profile – snapshot your inventory into the database once 12 hours ( in ideal conditions you can do it twice since the leaderboard refresh has an offset of 5 minutes ). You have to keep in mind anyone can refresh your profile simply by accessing it.

Considering this scenario

( Time 05:00 UTC ) – 5 Hours after mission reset, your profile was updated 4 hours ago = You wont have a fresh data entry in the leaderboards – you have to wait till the next one.

So make sure you always have at least 1 update per day and wait for the next day to process it – or simply get a Subscription.


There is also a way to check what value will be stored in the Leaderboards. Simply go to the Profile Nagivation choose  Stats Tab then choose anything from the filter on the left f.e Schematic Experience Sch Exp and scroll down to the Data Set, and identify the latest date – that value will be present in the Leaderboards when it refreshes.