Canny Crude!
Part of the Canny Valley Quest Line Current #7 Remaining 60
Canny Crude!
Help Syd survey Canny Valley by gathering crude oil samples from abandoned oil rigs. Can be only completed in a desert or Thunder Route 99 zone.
Collect Oil Samples in a 46+ zone
20 Pure drop of rain
10 Lightning in a bottle
5 Eye of the storm
Category Main Quests Group \CV\Act1

    Starting Dialogues
  1. Syd : So Miss Ray, my friend Lars told me you're the one I should ask for help.
  2. Ray : You don't have to call me Miss Ray.
  3. Ray : You can just call me Ray, or whatever you want.
  4. Ray : I love nicknames too. Like Ready Ray, or Ray-dar, or like Sweet Lady Ray.
  5. Ray : Not that. Just. You know. I mean, that'd be okay, but ha ha -
  6. Syd : Did I catch you at a bad time?
  7. Ray : Yes! BEEP BOOP BOP. I'm... updating. It causes... BEEP BOP this to happen.
  8. Syd : Not a problem at all. I need help finding ancient organic samples to study.
  9. Ray : Samples. Yeah.
  10. Syd : And I was thinking maybe you could help... with that?
  11. Ray : Okay. I'm going to turn off the video feed? I think I'll be able to... keep it together if it's just your voice.
  12. Syd : Sure thing.
  13. Ray : Ah. Okay. I'm back. Sounds like you want to find oil, am I right?
  14. Syd : You know it.
  15. Ray : Done.
  16. Ray : Okay, Commander, you help Syd find oil, and I'll power through this rockstar crush I've got going on.
  17. Ray : And it occurs to me Syd is still connected - Syd if you're there say nothing.
  18. Ray : Let me live in a world where you maybe already hung up.
  19. Ray : So thoughtful! You're only making it worse!
  20. Ending Dialogues
  21. Syd : So, what's the deal with the samples?
  22. Ray : Don't get excited.
  23. Ray : But... there are trace elements of storm corruption in the samples.
  24. Syd : What?!
  25. Ray : It could just be contamination! Or... maybe the storm is leaching into the soil...
  26. Ray : Which seems panic worthy.
  27. Syd : Or it could be proof that this has happened before.
  28. Ray : If that's true...
  29. Ray : If humanity faced down the storm before and won...
  30. Ray : Maybe the answer to how they did it is out there!