Part of the Canny Valley Quest Line Current #27 Remaining 40
We have been sentenced to a round of mandatory relaxation. Visit spas and prepare to relax.
Visit spas in a 58+ Ghost Town zone
150 Seasonal gold
Category Main Quests Group \CV\Act2

    Starting Dialogues
  1. Syd : You've known we're going to die for two days! And you forgot to tell me?
  2. Ray : You don't have to keep saying that...
  3. Syd : You've known we're going to die for two days! And you forgot to tell me?
  4. Lars : Uh... Yes.
  5. Syd : Exactly how does one forget the icy grip of death?
  6. Lars : I'm under a little bit of stress here, Syd.
  7. Director : If I may interrupt?
  8. Director : Until we have a plan of action, we shouldn't broadcast our situation to all of Homebase.
  9. Syd : They deserve to know!
  10. Director : Then I suggest you come up with a plan. And quickly.
  11. Director : If there is no plan, there will be panic. If there is panic, people will get hurt. I will not have that.
  12. Director : Which is why all of you will be calming yourselves down at the SnareRanch spa.
  13. Ray : We don't have time--
  14. Director : You will relax!
  15. Director : Now!
  16. Ending Dialogues
  17. Director : Everybody back in.
  18. Syd : I wouldn't exactly say we've come up with a good plan.
  19. Lars : Yeah, if anything we've identified some new problems.
  20. Director : The situation has changed. The plan is no longer needed.
  21. Director : Ray, bring everyone in.
  22. Ray : (yawn)
  23. Director : Ray?
  24. Ray : Sorry, just a little distracted or something.
  25. Ray : My arms are all, like, loose and floppy. Look. Check this out. Whoa.
  26. Ray : And my back feels weird? Like I think it's supposed to hurt but it doesn't?
  27. Director : The feeling you're describing is relaxation. When is the last time you took a break?
  28. Ray : That's a cool question. I'm gonna think about it over a little fiver of a floor nap.
  29. Ray : Let's make it ten.
  30. Director : Granted.
  31. Director : Anyone who disturbs this ten minute floornap answers to me.