Part of the Canny Valley Quest Line Current #28 Remaining 39
Collect stagecoaches to build a SEE-Bot search caravan.
Search for coaches in a 58+ Ghost Town zone
60000 Survivor experience
Category Main Quests Group \CV\Act2

    Starting Dialogues
  1. Desiree : This is Vindertech User Profile Zero Two, requesting the location of Cratebot Two Two Eight.
  2. Ray : Desiree? It's... it's me. Ray. Remember?
  3. Desiree : Don't call yourself that, Seventeen. It's... it's creepy.
  4. Ray : Um... okay? I can't believe you're really here. I've been dreaming of this moment...
  5. Desiree : User Zero Two requesting administrative access.
  7. Desiree : Disable social simulator.
  9. Ray : Did you just try to turn off my personality?
  10. Desiree : Yes.
  11. Ray : Well, you can't.
  12. Desiree : Watch me.
  13. Ray : No I mean... really, you can't.
  14. Ray : I fell into a puddle.
  15. Desiree : Wonderful. Just get me Two Two Eight. Please.
  16. Ray : It's good to see you, too. Two Two Eight is... SEE-bot. Oh yeah, sorry. He's gone.
  17. Desiree : He's gone.
  18. Ray : He was getting on everyone's nerves, so I sent him on a little trip.
  19. Ray : But if you want a SEE-bot I've got like a whole room of those guys.
  20. Desiree : I don't want a SEE-bot. I want Two Two Eight.
  21. Desiree : Find it. Now.
  22. Ending Dialogues
  23. Ray : Okay, we're ready to send out a search party!
  24. Desiree : Why are you here? You don't work here anymore.
  25. Ray : You can't fire me.
  26. Desiree : You're Account Seventeen. I'm Account Two. As in second-in-command.
  27. Ray : Oh, so that's what those numbers mean.
  28. Ray : Wait. Lok is Eight. Why is Lok Eight?
  29. Desiree : Okay, I know it's hard to let go, but maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
  30. Ray : Yeah, well, it's a real good disguise.
  31. Desiree : Go spend some time with your family.
  32. Ray : Homebase is my family.
  33. Desiree : Maybe go travel.
  34. Ray : You've looked outside, right?
  35. Desiree : I don't care what you do.
  36. Desiree : So long as you leave.